September 18, 2011

Inspired by David Lynch

Viewer discretion  is strongly advised. This post includes photographs of dissected cheese.


  1. Oooo - hubba hubba, I love cheese! Sometimes there´s no need for that many words..! :-)

  2. Hello Olga:
    But this is not just any is a slice of history.....wish we there to share it with you!!!!

  3. Cheese is magnetic energy. Italian Cheese... :-))

  4. I thought this cheese was from Portugal but maybe I am wrong. Great photos and love your comment :) Diane

  5. Olga. This can not be put at this time ... can not take a little bit :((
    Cheese is my passion. Here in Spain there are also very good with a good wine ... is a delight!
    Thank you for your comments:)
    A kiss.

  6. Well, you did it with this one . . . .

    Everyone's running out and having some CHEESE.
    Great shots.

    Think about this -- do you know anyone who DOESN'T love cheese?
    (Here I go . . .)

  7. Ha ha, Olga!
    You make me smile....
    What a creative idea!
    I love cheese, of course!
    But pink?

  8. J'adore le fromage! Great post, Olga! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  9. Cheese with delicate honey...mmh;)have a nice week!

  10. Loool, this is a Portuguese cheese, very goog indeed, he is from Azores islands =)

  11. Hello Olga,
    this photo shoot has intrinsic meaning. I think it's extremely important to do experiments. There is an interesting fact to me, seems the cheese produced in Brazil. I live on the beach, but my wife is the mountain and there it produces many wonderful cheeses.
    a hug

  12. Olga, Delicious cheese!It makes me hungry!!! Excellent photos!Kisses from Greece.

  13. Помимо того, что это очень красиво, это должно быть еще и очень вкусно. Особенно, если в кадр станканчик красненького поставить. :)

  14. If I would have know I would have brought the wine, olives and peaches. Looks yummy.

  15. Excellent photos Olga dear, the cheese looks very tempting. Yum!!!

    xoxoxo ♡

  16. A beautiful bit of story telling. A feast of both cheese and still life.

  17. now that is the perfect meal! love it!

  18. Super idée, Olga! Comme quoi, une dissection peut mener à l'amour.

  19. Looks like an apple, doesn't it!

  20. Fantastic! I'm now drooling over both the photos and the cheese! :)

  21. My mouth is watering looking at these pictures!

    I've tagged you in a post on my blog, drop by to have a look and take part if you like

    x x x

  22. Is it a little ball of gouda? It is so pretty. I got some wonderful JAAACK cheese at the farmers farmer this week-end (Goat Jack cheese). I can't live without cheese. Have a great week.

  23. Hi tinajo,
    In the presence of cheese, it`s typical to lose all willpower :)

    Hi Jane and Lance Hattatt,
    Every cheese is a slice of history...I hope not ancient.

    Hi once in a blue moon,
    Thank you very much!

    Hi PAOLO F.,
    Magnetic energy indeed! Oh, those Italian cheeses...
    Whenever I visit Little Italy in Toronto, I spend a small fortune.

    Hi Diane,
    You`re right; this cheese is from Portugal. Oh, how good it is!

  24. Hi Laura,
    Each time I think of Spanish cheeses, I remember Barcelona, outdoor cafes, and a plate of cheese :)

    Hi Rick,
    This was my first time trying this type of cheese, and the result was spectacular. If you`re able to, you should definitely buy it. It`s Portuguese.

    Hi Pet,
    Funny like this?

    Hi Wind,
    Thank you for visiting. A real cheese lover is neither afraid of the colour pink nor of mold.

    Hi Veronique,
    Thank you! I await your post about cheeses :)

  25. Hi ne mora ne bionda,
    After reading your comment, I went and ate some of it :)

    Hi Sergio,
    It's a fantastic cheese. I don't think it's going to stay in our fridge very long.

    Hi Antonio,
    It's very interesting to find out about Brazilian cheeses, although I haven't tried one yet. This cheese is from Portugal.

    Hi Φανή Παπαγεωργίου, Ζωγράφος,
    I can't live without Greek feta cheese :) Thank you for your visit.

    Hi patatinka,
    Очень интересный сыр оказался. Первый раз его пробовала.
    Да, бокал красного вина - суперская идея!

  26. Hi Randy,
    What a wonderful and suitable selection you have mentioned. I bet you are a great guest :)

    Hi Dianne,
    It's definitely tempting - this cheese is excellent.

    Hi Adrian,
    Thank you. This post was purely spontaneous; inspired by cheese.

    Hi 1-2Punch,
    Cheese and bread are a perfect combination.

  27. Hi Richard,
    Je ne peux pas surprenant qu'une personne de la France avec le fromage. Oh, ces fromages français ...* soupir *.

    Hi Sarah,
    It does, a little bit. It's just bigger and softer.

    Hi Ursula,
    Me too me too me too!

    Hi Talli,
    I'm not surprised. If you find this cheese, definitely try it!

    Hi A Lady's Life,
    It's very delicate and tender in flavour.

  28. Hi Jenny,
    It is yummy. I got used to stronger Portuguese cheeses. This soft flavour was surprising.

    Hi Sarah Elizabeth,
    Thank you for tagging me; I'll having to think over my posts now to decide which ones fit :)

    Hi lilylovekin,
    It's not at all like Gouda. It's a very delicate cheese; there's nothing really I can compare it to. It's a young cheese; they say that it changes flavour with time.

  29. I love the last photo! Excellent dof

  30. YUM. so yum. i had just had the best cheese this w/e, also, i'm in a cheese phase i think!

  31. Yum! I can even taste it. I was trying to grab at the last photo and the reality wasn't working. Perhaps you need to work on that Olga. ;)

  32. You terrible, terrible wench. You didn't save me ANY???? Sigh. :)

  33. Beautiful photos and cheese there my friend. You've made me quite hungry and just before I'm due to head for bed, oh dear! As for David Lynch I was just thinking about Blue Velvet and Twin Peaks this morning. I'm a big fan of his work.

  34. Mainio 'Oivallus'...!
    Hieno kuva-sarja - *Pallo-Juusto*...
    Löytyy myös Suomen-Juustoista - en ole varma onko aivan tämän veroinen...?
    Maukasta maistuvaista...!

  35. Estupendo tributo y unas fotos con un bokeh muy bonito. Saludos

  36. oh yes Olga, these images are amazing ! fresh bread and cheese, what else ?? but now I'm hungry !!!
    wish you a nice week !

  37. what kind of cheese is that? I live in france so I've been blessed with plenty of cheese experiences:) That one looks delicious! Beautiful photos! Glad to have found your blog:)

  38. This post made my mouth watered. I know the brand of the cheese Limiano but I haven't tasted any.

    BTW, you have a nice cutting board, I love it!

  39. ¡¡Delicioso!!,
    un grato placer pasar por tu casa.
    un abrazo.

  40. Hi Fabio,
    I'm glad you liked the last photo. Thank you for your comment.

    Hi Krystal,
    Wonderful expression - cheese phase. I'll have something to remember in the years to come.

    Hi Sandy,
    No way! Not a single cheese fanatic would share their cheese :P

    Hi Vegetable Assassin,
    You know everything about cheese. So, you must know this - it's here one moment, gone the next.

  41. Hi Happy Frog,
    I'm sorry about tempting you :) I have a long-term love-hate relationship with David Lynch. I have Mulholland Drive, and, for some mysterious reason, I've been putting off watching it for an entire summer.

    Hi Eko,
    Tämä juusto on Portugalista. Minun täytyy sanoa, se on erittäin herkullinen. Koska vakava fanaatikko, Olisi kiva kokeilla suomalaisia ​​juustoja.

    Hi Pierre,
    I understand that you can't surprise a person from France with cheese, but thank you for the smile :)

    Hi Juan,
    Me alegro de que le gustaban mis fotos. Gracias por su visita.

    Hi Marty,
    With cheese and bread, and maybe a glass of wine, who needs anything else?

  42. Hi Creepy Query Girl,
    This is a Portuguese cheese. It's very soft, because it's young. The taste is creamy and light, and the aftertaste is unlike anything I can describe. It's a little nutty.

    Hi R. Jacob,
    That was the idea.

    Hi stardust,
    Don't be put off by the colour of this cheese - it's very creamy and delicate. You can't imagine what a compliment this is. I collect cutting boards and cheese boards. It was wonderful to hear :)

    Hi Ricardo,
    Me alegro de que haya disfrutado de este post. Bienvenido a mi casa:)

  43. haha you are so right about that! =)

  44. Hi Sandy,
    When it comes to cheese, things get serious :)

  45. It’s always a pleasure
    to see such a Wonderful Pictures
    good creations

  46. I can see what I have been missing Olga...cheese!!!! Great sequence you have photographed here. I like the colour and texture of the cheese's surface. I have one problem with cheese and that is I have no willpower once I start eating it :)