August 16, 2011

Lucian Freud - the Gurdian of the Idiosyncratic

I often think about the simplicity of certain images. What could be simpler and even more cliched than a girl with a cat? I would recommend that each art student would try to work with this subject at least once in their life.

What other typical subjects would you recommend to an art student as an exercise?


  1. A horse!
    How many artists have proclaimed how difficult it is to draw a horse?

    Love this illustration. I'm assuming the cat survived the "strangulation hold." (Ha.)

  2. Olá Olga, gostei da imagem...Espectacular....

  3. I agree Olga, it is a good subject, for each art student, to try to work with it.But it isn't so easy!The painting of the faces, is the most difficult art, for the most of the paintists.Kisses from Greece.

  4. D'abord, je dois dire que la jeune fille du tableau ressemble beaucoup à notre Olga.
    Et puis, pour la recommandation, je dirais qu'il faut oser. Oui, rien ne sert de vouloir à tout prix, reproduire l'exactitude du modèle. Il faut laisser transparaître son émotion. Il faut l'aimer. Il faut s'investir à l'intérieur. Le résultat le ressentira.

  5. A stunning work by sadly a now dead artist. Girls and childrens faces have to be the hardest. Old men are easier as are animals.
    I'll go for a bowl of fruit.......never seen one I liked.

  6. This looks so simple, but to get the effect is anything but. I can really only draw horses well as I have studied them all my life. Would love to go to art lessons but they are out of reach :-( Diane

  7. much feeling in this picture by visiting
    Greetings from
    Abstract text and Reflection.

  8. Me, I have a liking for pictures of interiors - they so display the interior world of the artist - the soul through the armchair.

  9. The simplest things make sense--you can read so much into what appears to be an ordinary composition. I like Lucien Freud's stuff. Thanks for posting!

  10. : the best.
    (Renoir ... one of the giants of Impressionism)
    It 'too ?


  11. A imagem está interessante mas parece que a rapariga está a esganar o pobre gatinho lol

  12. This is such a cool painting. Poor cat. I guess S/he doesn't mind. I can't stop staring at the girl's many questions. This painting would be way too hard pour moi to duplicate. But thanks for the suggestion!;)

  13. The life of every day offers us many issues to ponder !!... A good exercise to write:)). Thanks for the visit
    Greetings. Laura

  14. boas fotos espetaculares parabens

  15. Well, one thing is for sure. I would not advise any art student to hold my black cat Felix (aka The Puma) the way this young lady holds hers! Someone could get hurt! I posted a new story with pics today [about Monaco] as you requested, Ma'am. A bientot! Veronique aka French Girl in Seattle

  16. Her eyes!? Makes you wonder what she is thinking. I have a hard time drawing I don't try anymore! Landscapes are easier. Nature is so forgiving that way!

    Thank you again, Olga, for sharing such great works of art!

  17. P wonder if I could do it? A good challenge for sure.

  18. Although this painting is very simple, it is very beautiful. And there is something very intriguing about the me, there seems to be a mystifying sadness in the woman's eyes...and her cat's eyes are so lifelike, I feel like the naimal is looking right at me!

    I'm not really sure what art students should Isn't fruit a first for most of them? Lol. When I took art in high school, our first assignment was to draw our self-portrait. Our last assignment was also to draw our self-portrait and it was very interesting to see the difference in style, talent, and perception in only five months. :)

  19. Suuri Kaunis Taide...
    Lahjakkaalle opiskelijalle jolla on kyky nähdä ja sormissa taito laittaa näkemys esille - mihin muotoon hyvänsä, voi vain suositella harjoitusta ja harjoitusta...
    Vain harjoitus tekee 'mestarin'...
    Katselin teosta lähinnä composition näkökulmasta.
    Minulla on vielä harjoittelu menneillään...!
    Terveisin Eko...

  20. Children-very hard to paint

  21. I would reccomend them to see the life from a different perspective, step aside and let the objects flow....

  22. I'm quite perturbed by that image and the way she's holding the cat.

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  24. Hello Olga,
    when you speak of Lucien Freud, is referring to the most important contemporary portrait painter, who died recently.
    I'm a fan of Lucien and his extraordinary vigor ...
    The image of the woman with the cat reminds me of the pre-Renaissance paintings in the century. XIII and XIV. Very good job!
    I like your work and your comments.
    A big hug

  25. Hola Olga
    no comprendo la pintura, si aprecio al arte, es lo que cada cual quiere expresar.

    gracias por tu regalo.abrazos

  26. Hello,Olga.
    This is a marvelous work! Istare their eyes.
    The girl and the cat, their eyes look similar…….

  27. It would be an amazing challenge. Maybe I shall have a go as I am still technically an art student. If I do, you can see the results. I love the eyes in this painting ... and therein lie the complexities.

    Another subject; in agreement with Rick - the horse.

  28. This is so impressive. Doesn’t simple thing spark more imagination? I wonder what the lady and the cat are thinking and I’m concerned about the way she holds the neck of the cat. I hope she’s supporting the cat with her left hand. Thank you for the introduction of this picture, Olga.


  29. I enjoy abstract artists like Rothko, for photographic inspiration. I love his bold use of color.

  30. Hello, Olga

    I am touched by your works.
    The profound atmosphere will heal my feeling.

    Your sensitivity is praised

    The prayer for all peace.
    Have a good weekend...
    ruma ❀

  31. Hi Rick,
    Horses are the most difficult subject for drawing. Even more difficult than people.

    Hi Fernando,
    Não é à toa que você gosta da imagem - ele é um grande artista.

    Hi Φανή Παπαγεωργίου, Ζωγράφος,
    Painting faces is really a challenging task. Even if there is likeness with the model, the artist might not necessarily capture the essence of that person.

    Hi Richard,
    Je n'ai jamais remarqué que je ressemble à ce portrait, je suis devenu surpris, mais ensuite j'ai trouvé quelques traits similaires:) C'est ce que cela signifie d'avoir l'œil de l'artiste.

    Hi Adrian,
    I have been thinking about bowls of fruit in art. I might even make a separate post about it. Thank you for the idea.

  32. Hi Diane,
    It's amazing that you are able to draw horses. It means that you know their complex anatomy, and can feel the nature of their movement.

    Hi José Ramón,
    It's no wonder you enjoyed this image. He is a great artist.

    Hi mise,
    I have always found it interesting that you are so dedicated to design, and wondered why. I think your comment explains something.

    Hi Lydia,
    I think that using the simplest methods in art and literature can only be done effectively by the most talented people.

  33. Hi Paolo,
    Thank you for the link. You always offer interesting ways of thinking about my post.

    Hi Fabio,
    Sim, ela é apertar um pouco. Embora todo mundo sofre pela beleza e arte:)

    Hi Sandy,
    I think that Lucien Freud is one of the artist that you can study continuously. It's not that I even like him that much, but he transfixes me.

    Hi Laura,
    Yes, life offers us so many options, and each creative person can interpret it in their own way.

    Hi Andressa,
    Thank you for visiting; I'm glad you liked this image.

  34. Hi Antonio,
    Thank you very much for your lovely comment :)

    Hi Veronique,
    Felix can feel calm; Lucien Freud is already dead :)/:( I am enjoying all of your posts from France.

    Hi Misty Meadows,
    I definitely recommend learning more about Freud. Although he is not exactly my favourite artists, he offers a lot to think about.

    Hi R. Jacob,
    Try "a girl with a cat by the window", the favourite subject of Russian art students.

    Hi Jennifer Fabulous,
    You never stop surprising me. You have even painted your self-portrait? :) Lucien Freud is the great artist of our time.

  35. Hi Eko,
    Lucien Freud on lukuisia muunnelmia samoista aiheista. Tämä vahvistaa oman ajattelun suhteen on käytännössä.

    Hi Ola,
    It's true - I have tried to do that. It only turned out once :)

    Hi Colores,
    Freud is one of those artists who shows life from a totally unique perspective.

    Hi Sarah,
    She is definitely holding the cat in a very unnatural way.

    Hi Nelson Souzza,
    Thank you for your lovely comment. I will definitely check out your blog. Have a great weekend!

  36. Hi Antonio,
    Lucien Freud is one of the greatest artists whom I am still studying. I don't particularly connect with his artwork, but I am curious about his creative process and his personality.

    Hi Maelgi,
    Yo mismo no lo bastante beneficio como artista. Todavía estoy luchando para resolverlo.

    Hi Tomoko,
    It's amazing that you have noticed such a detail. Although they are staring in different directions, their eyes really express a similar state of mind.

    Hi aguja,
    Even the great Degas wasn't great at drawing horses, despite the fact that he was learning to draw them all his life. Horses are an incredibly complicated subject for drawing.

    Hi Yoko,
    Hahaha - without supporting the cat with her left hand, he wouldn't have the chance to survive. It's amazing that you noticed so much in common between the cat and the girl.

  37. Hi Doug,
    I am not surprised that you like Rothko. I always see his influence in your photography.

    Hi ruma,
    I am always pleased to see you visiting my blog. Thank you for your lovely comment.

  38. I am in awe of Lucien Freud's work and saddened by his recent passing. Just for you, I shall draw a picture of a girl and a cat :) Before college starts I am being totally self-indulgent with my Summer Sketchbook and drawing whatever I feel like: vintage perfume bottles, a treasure map, Baba Yaga's house, my "new" vintage dress. But "girl and cat" is a good suggestion. Thanks Olga dear.

  39. Hi Dolly,
    It's a very popular source of humour among art school teachers in Russia - Why do all the students draw a girl with a cat by the window?. One time, my teacher received assignments from 24 students, and 18 of them brought drawings of a girl with a cat by the window.

  40. Oh very good Olga dear, thanks for explaining! Maybe my new teacher at college in a few weeks will ask us to draw a girl with a cat. If so, I shall try not to giggle in class, and I shall think of you!

  41. Don't you think that a masterpiece has its own proportions? This painting could the evidence, if he did not refer to the primitives ...
    These hands are a corkscrew for cats.
    Having seen the picture in real life, its gray and white are amazing.

  42. Hi Dolly,
    If only it happens in your class, let me know. But keep yourself sturdy!

    Hi Valéry Lorenzo,
    Without a doubt, a masterpiece communicates with the viewer one on one. It always belongs to that person at the moment of this conversation. Lucien's grace - even from the books - is superb. I have seen and held in my hands his various prints, but I regret that I haven't seen any of his paintings.

  43. Hi Valéry Lorenzo,
    Actually, it was Freudian slip - grace , instead of grays.