September 13, 2010

Some wonderful weather

This weekend surprised us with some wonderful weather. The rain was unusually polite and decent this time. Although the forecast made it seem like it would rain a lot, it only happened a little bit Saturday night, and wouldn’t bother us otherwise.

We knew that we needed to make the most out of the end of summer, and so we decided to go hiking in an out-of-town park. While we were "deep in the forest", my cell phone rang, and it turned out that somebody (from a gallery that is now exhibiting my work) needed photos of my art immediately. That's the magic of modern technology!
I find that fall enters our minds and souls sooner than it actually shows up in nature. Maybe spring starts sooner in Italy, but at least we have more of a chance to have a white Christmas.
I always prefer that fall appears gradually. At first, the chilly nights. Then the sweaters return to your everyday wardrobe. After that, you realize that sandals no longer have a place on your feet. Hot coffee in your travel mug in the morning. The windbreaker. Warm boots. Scarves.
Hello, winter!  

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