September 2, 2010

The end of the Summer

Last night, my daughter had a dinner party. At first, her plan was to cook dinner for just one girl, who is leaving to study in Ottawa soon. After that, my daughter's boyfriend signed on to help her make the dinner. (A very commendable initiative.) Then another friend joined; a guy who lives nearby. He offered to amuse them with his guitar playing while they were cooking. Finally, another girl called, saying she had some free time, and she joined the company.

It seems to me like the party was a success. All the dishes remained in one piece, and only one piece of chocolate cake got smeared on the couch.

My husband and I also had a wonderful time that day. We had dinner at our favourite Greek restaurant, and then we hung out at the Apple store. Then we went to HMV and bought two seasons of Agata Christie "Marple". After that we had a little walk. I'm just sad that summer is winding down, and it gets dark sooner.

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