September 24, 2010

Sculpting Challenges

When I was a teenage art school student, we had some opportunities to visit the studios of our teachers. One day, my friend and I came to our sculpture teacher’s studio. His exhibition had just finished, and some of the unsold pieces were returned to him.

Something that made a strong impression that time was the figure of a woman with her nose broken off (and, strangely, her breast). Being quite young, my friend and I thought that this was the artist’s concept. That he was trying to make something reminiscent of Venus de Milo, except that he’d chosen to re-imagine her as having survived a trip in a crowded Soviet bus.

However, our teacher stopped smoking his pipe for a second to look at us and say “Remember, children – always make sure you create a carcass for your sculpture.”

I bend wires to make carcasses for my new creations. My new series is called Opposites Attract. I am going to exhibit it on The Beach Studio Tour - Friday October 15th; Saturday October 16th; Sunday October 17th.

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