July 5, 2012

Summer Is Here

The main colours around me right now are - believe it or not - red and green. Last week, we celebrated Canada Day. We went on an outing to a resort. Our way was temporarily blocked by a little parade dedicated to the day. I liked all the characters that were present there. They were enthusiastic, outrageously cute, and possessed an infectious love for life.

Our weekend was spent in the company of kind and interesting people. What else could you wish for on a long weekend?

This is not our lunch. We were just happy for the fisherman.

Then, one person who can find a way to take a bath in the desert using one cup of water also figured out a way to use a rusty can to make a pipe for our barbecue.

Some were enjoying watching soccer games.

And others were playing a game themselves.

Somebody was running around - probably training for a marathon.

I captured this day with my camera, while my poet friend did so in this short poem she wrote in Russian:    Вершиной горной облака               Седеют на озерной глади              И яхт белесые флажки                   Шныряют в ветренном параде.     Уплыли поплавки плавцов             За горизонтные буйки                    И машут удочками нам                   Удачливые рыбаки.                          Ленив июльский первый день,      Заправив кашками кровать,          Березку уложил в постель             Про лето сказку рассказать. 

How is your summer so far?


    love your pics.

  2. Iloista menoa juhlien merkeissä.
    Hieno antoisa kuvasarja.
    Kannatti katsoa tarkemminkin.
    Kesää meilläkin jo alkaa olemaan.
    Kovasti on ollut kesä myöhässä...!
    Tervein Eko

  3. Замечательные летние зарисовки! Народ веселится и наслаждается, молодцы!

  4. Summer in your photographs is hot. Let them last forever.

  5. Such fun pics, love celebrations like that! And yes - summer is SO here! :-)

  6. Lovely photos of that procession, I would have liked to attend. I specially like the chap in the bowler on the tractor!
    Summer is so NOT here for us, forecast today is a month's worth of rain in one day. Ho hum. No change since June and May then.

  7. Nice shots of happy summer days! I always admire how people celebrate Independence Days in other countries, here it is a day off with some official ceremonies

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  8. Everyone looks like they are having so much fun. It is wonderful to see so many happy smiling faces. Love the shot of the fleeing bunny:) Have a great weekend Diane

  9. I knew I could come here and find another round of life captured in still beauty with your talented eyes. I can't say my summer has been as vivacious as the interesting fun displayed in your photos, but it's been blessed with productivity :-)

  10. Thanks for coming to visit the Bear. It looks like you had a wonderful time, indeed. Life in red and green is excellent for Canada Day!

  11. Looks like a great place to have fun :)

  12. What a great series of pictures, love the big and small tractor parade. A great way to spend a long weekend.

  13. Gracias Olga por esta historia completa ... Pasó un buen día de verano en buena compañía ... El coche rojo es hermoso :)
    Buen fin de semana.
    un beso.

  14. Olvide traducir:)
    Thanks Olga for this complete story ... He spent a good summer day in good company ... The red car is beautiful :)
    Have a nice weekend.
    a kiss

  15. Beautiful photos and like Diane I particularly liked the one of the rabbit in full bounding away mode. Summer has not arrived in the UK. As I write this the rain is pounding down again outside. Good to know that you are getting a good one though. x

  16. now that is a summer w/e! i'm thoroughly enjoying summer as well :)

  17. Very beautiful Olga!!I love your photos so much!! Thank you!!Have many good times!!!Kisses from Greece.

  18. We celebrated Independence Day last month and I spent it with my fam bam. 'Twas a reunion of sorts and free from work related stress. Thank you for dropping by, Olga.

    Great photos, btw.

  19. I love the Jubilee Celebrations that were held in your town!

  20. So funny...
    Best regards from France,


  21. Beautiful scenery Olga. My summer? Well, we are still waiting for it! After a mild, very short winter, and early, long spring, our summer is a wash-out so far.

  22. Hello Olga,
    you photograph very well, but Canada help. What a beautiful place!
    a hug

  23. Lindas fotografias.

    ♥ Bom domingo! Boa semana!
    ♡ Beijinhos.

  24. Always wonderful photos and I wish I could read Russian. I have a Russian co-worker... I should ask her to read me the poem.:) my summer is also all about the red and green. When you have New Mexican cuisine, they ask you... Red or green(chile)? ;)