May 15, 2012

Treasures, Contractors, Mother's Day, and More

First of all, I would like to both thank and apologize to everyone who visits my blog and leaves such nice comments. It really helps me in my current situation, which I will elaborate on a little later.

Recently, while cleaning up under the deck, my husband discovered a real treasure. I thought these kinds of things only happen in movies - who hasn't seen Amelie? Turns out, in real life, you can also find a treasure.

What made the biggest impression on me was the mysterious piece cut out of a Polish newspaper. I can't see any dates, but the paper appears to be old. Maybe the child who put these things into the box didn't realize that there was another secret hiding under the lining of the box.

Spring delights us with warm days, lovely weather, and blooming plants.

However, not everyone spends springtime the same way. Our time has come to change the electrical wiring on the upper floor. For that purpose, a hole was made through the ceiling. Of course, I made some photos of the part of the attic that was revealed.

For the first time in my life, I have had the misfortune of dealing with contractors. I have to say that my mood came to resemble something like this:

I think I need to do it one more time.

Phew. Now I feel much better. I'm ready to enjoy my salad.

Mother's Day was very cheerful on our street. How wonderful that we have some creative people living on our street.

My daughter wished me a happy Mother's Day, gave me my presents, and took me out to a restaurant.

This is the view from my bedroom right now. The petals are falling down, and real magic happens in front of my eyes every morning, before the contractors show up. Wish me luck; they'll be back tomorrow!

I have recently neglected your blogs not exactly because I don't have any time, but because, most of the time these days, our electricity is cut out. That's okay, though - at least my front yard and backyard are becoming more beautiful each day.


  1. Cool treasure box! I get excited when I see something old from people I don't even know. Also, those flowers are so pretty! :)

  2. Oh renovating is a test of patience isn't it? Best of luck. Great pictures and your garden appears to be benefitting.

  3. Contractors... Don't get me started! I am glad you were still able to enjoy a fun Mother's Day thanks to your daughter, Olga. Loved seeing that small treasure discovered under your deck. Don't you wish you knew why that newspaper was hidden there, inside the box? The mystery remains... Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  4. Там, где один одуван с седой головой - оч. тронуло.
    И детская сокровищница. Пусть дольше будет лето!

  5. What a beautiful yard you have and lily of the valley is one of my favorite flowers.
    What a cute little box with so many treasures :)
    Glad you had a great Mothers Day!!

  6. Hello Olga:
    We are relieved to know that all is well. But we can well imagine the frustrations connected with dealing with work people in the house - always in our view totally disruptive - and hope that your rewiring will soon be a thing of the past.

    Such a wonderful find, the little 'treasure' box. How very intriguing. And how absolutely lovely is the view from your bedroom window.

  7. This is such a lovely post Olga exciting to find that little treasure box under your deck, no doubt some girl's time capsule, left behind, lost or long forgotten over time. The flowers and tree in your garden are so beautiful. I am pleased that you had a lovely Mother's Day with your daughter. Don't fret too much, the contractors will be gone soon enough and then normality will prevail once again. :)
    xoxoxo ♡

  8. I'm not surprised you're tearing your hair out. Dealing with contractors is enough to do that to anyone, or make them turn to drink!

    Hopefully they'll be finished soon and you can get back to normal.

    At least you have beautiful views to enjoy from your bedroom and the excitement of strange discoveries. :)

  9. the newspaper is really in Plish and seems to be very very old!

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  10. Какой очаровательный ларчик, ничуть не хуже чем у Амели :) Всегда мечтала найти что-нибудь подобное!

    Прекрасные, нежные фотографии, очень по-весеннему!

  11. What a great day !
    Best regards...


  12. Your blog tells a story -- nice series.
    I love the treasures, and the front yard heart decorations.
    (Sorry about your electrical contractor frustrations.)

  13. isn't it wonderful to discover a forgotten treasure!

  14. Оля, столько дел, столько хлопот! Но несмотря на это, всё равно ты видишь прекрасное вокруг. Незабудки с ландышами - волшебно! И вся в солнечных бликах полянка желторотых одуванчиков под присмотром дедушки-одуванчика - тоже очень трогательно :) А внимание дочери! А сокровища! Твоя жизнь богата такими позитивными моментами, что никакие подрядчики не страшны:)) Кстати, о кладе, точнее о газете: газета за 1985 год. Это совершенно точно! Издана не позднее 30 октября. Вот так! :))

  15. oh!!!you are very lucky! You see so beautiful flowers every morning!!Like a paradise!!I love the little white bells flowers, "mige" we call them here!!I am glad for you!! Keep on your good works in your new house!Kisses from Greece!!

  16. I have not had the fortune - or is it misfortune - of having to work with home contractors as of yet. Still an apartment dweller. And yet, I sometimes want to whack-a-mole behind dealing with the maintenance people sometimes.

    Happy belated Mother's Day. As usual, you've gathered and posted gorgeous photos where nature is on fine display, colors popping from the stills as if in 3D. I love it!!!

  17. Olga,
    The box reminds me of a metal box where I used to keep my treasure such as marbles, sea shells, pictures and so on in my childhood. I had forgotten it for a long time and do not know where it is. But, to imagine someone found my box and liked it makes me happy.
    I love the movie Amelie, especially the ending led to by the photos of travelling Gnome.
    Thanks a lot for sharing a pleasant spring day!

  18. Nice to hear from you that you’ve had nice warm spring weather. While you are away from the computer, you can spend time on other things, that’s good for you, I think. Recently I’ve come to want to resume crocheting or knitting, but I’d like to update and comment back to my Friends and it takes time for me to write in English, so it’s kind of dilemma. I have to choose a few out of several hobbies.

    Amelia is one of my favorite films. My daughter, too, and she visited a restaurant where Amelie worked and serves the same menu. Work on nice renovation.


  19. Oh what a wonderful little treasure box Olga. I would have been so excited to find it, along with the mysterious newspaper clipping! And I love the tiny icon so much.

    I hope your renovations finish soon. X

  20. Happy Mother's Day late ... I also would hope to find a treasure :)) The box is beautiful save it
    The primabera has exploded everywhere is beautiful.
    Have a nice weekend.
    a kiss

  21. That little box is gorgeous, but what is on the piece of newspaper that it was so important?

    Ha ha, contractors, I know that feeling oh so well. Still trying to catch up after the break but I love your photos. Diane

  22. What a beautiful treasure to have unearthed, thank you for sharing it with us. I hope everything works out with your contractors and your electricity shortages get sorted out soon. x

  23. Olga, what a fantastic treasure to find in your home, your photos as always are gorgeous and tell a lovely story of your life. Good Luck with the contractors, I know the feeling well. :)

  24. I enjoyed reading your post, Olga, and the little box is charming – it could be included in a story. The flowers around your homes are so pretty – it must keep you in a happy mood.