March 4, 2012

Spring: the Early Days

Hooray! Spring is almost here! It's not that this winter was too harsh or snowy; or brought a lot of troubles, but it did last a little too long. It feels like, the moment it's March 1, everything is ready to greet the arrival of spring. I, personally, am absolutely ready. However, March is still going to tease us with the ghost of winter and unpredictable weather patterns.

The following two photos are from yesterday.

This dog interrupted my lakeside meditation by sneaking up behind me and then attracting my attention with some barking. There is one trick for communicating with dogs; you need to know how to whistle.

The photos below are from today. The weather decided to switch to a kinder mood.

He's fine. He's just looking for something:

Proof of the fact that he's fine. Trust me, it's the same swan:

Why are these chairs empty? If they were mine, I'd be sitting there. Although I probably couldn't handle occupying four at the same time. My choice would be the turquoise one.

I'm really glad that so many adventurous women left comments in the previous post. Now I feel that I'm not alone in this world of renovation and the taking of strategically challenging, grandiose decisions.


  1. La prima foto è eccezionale, stupenda...un bel reportage ....e non siamo soli al mondo! : ) Ciao Cri : )

  2. Wonderful images as always dear Olga, the roses are so beautiful, loved the views of the changing weather, the dog, the swan and these chairs are colourful and lovely. If there is a great photo opportunity I know that you will find it to share with us, thank you! :)
    xoxoxo ♡

  3. You already have adventures with your camera every day !!!! Others will envy your adventures !
    I think we all always like what others do and think ours are not as exciting !

  4. Amazing the difference in moods of the weather from one day to the next. Stunning pictures. It's wonderful getting a chance to see these snippets of the world through your artful eyes. Thank you.

  5. I particulary love the 6th...
    Best regards from France,


  6. Gorgeous pics, you make me wanna walk there to see everything! :-)

  7. I love the shimmering water on the second fine day pic. Glorious.

  8. the chairs in the sun do look very inviting!

    Life and travelling

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  10. Оля, спасибо за чудесные фото, мне все понравилось! Торонто такой красивый лежит на ладошке озера, свет с небес, отражающийся от поверхности озера, - чудо! Это как благословение)))
    Я тоже умею успокоить собачек, но только я с ними разговариваю, редко какая не поддается :))
    Лебедь такой благородный! Не шипел? А его подруга поблизости была? :)) Я бы, кстати, выбрала желтое кресло. Можно присесть возле вас, мадам? :))

    1. Оленька, с праздником Вас! Солнца, цветов и весеннего настроения!
      Желаю жить Вам в городе Любви,
      Конечно же на улице Согласья,
      Чтоб окна выходили на проспект Мечты,
      Вела дорога к морю под названьем Счастье!
      А на причале белый теплоход
      Со звучным именем "Надежда".
      Пускай он Вас по жизни поведет,
      Где будет Вам надежно, безмятежно!
      Пускай минуют Вас разлук шторма,
      А тучи бедствий пусть разгонит ветер!
      Держитесь крепче за Любви штурвал
      И все у Вас получится - поверьте!

  11. Love your photos and yes I hope spring will soon be here. It is might chilly outside today but we have had a couple of days that have felt slightly spring like. Love the disappearing swan :) Take care and keep well Diane

  12. Aww you're starting to see spring peek through. Gorgeous photos. I know why you chose the turquoise chair. It has the most sunlight! ;) Have a nice day Olga.

  13. Beautiful and inspiring photos as always,Olga.
    I like turquoise chair too, the second choice is pink.
    Enjoy your day!

  14. Beautiful selection of pictures, it will be nice to welcome the brighter colours of spring.

  15. Love the chairs. if I had a patio I'd put chairs like that on them.

    The first picture made me feel chilly, almost physically, and it's quite warm in here :) Somehow I could imagine wading into that freezing sea.

  16. I can't wait for winter on my side of the world, I've had enough of heat. So here's to spring on your end and autumn on mine :)

  17. Very good headless swan ... went for lunch :)
    Stop by the blog ... you will see that marvel. It is in Segovia.

  18. Spring is trying to make up its mind here with alternating mild and cold days, the apricot blossom is thinking about emerging and the daffodils are slowly recovering from being buried in the snow. An entertaining selection of photos, love the duck!

  19. Flying all the way just to see you and say hello...and wish you all the best for this wednesday! Visit me too. Good night, wonderful dreams…
    Greeting for you from Rio de Janeiro/Brasil

  20. I'm anxious for Spring too. Nice shots.

  21. The photos brought me back to Toronto. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Such amazing photographs. I can practically smell the roses, the sea is full of character...... and the line of chairs - waiting for spring to be sprung??

  23. Ольга, поздравляю с праздником 8 Марта! Счастья, любви, успехов!

  24. Spring is almost here for use. Our azalea bush was covered with flowers and on Monday night it was supposed to get below freezing. We placed some flannel sheets all over it – it certainly looked strange, but all the flowers survived. Your roses are truly beautiful.

  25. I am also patiently waiting for the arrival of spring. I love the shots of the lake and of the swan.

    How is your kitchen reno going?

  26. Hi, Olga, I can feel your excitement for the upcoming spring. I’d like to sit on the yellow chair by your side and have a chat with you over a cup of coffee bathed in the sunlight. Weather can be fickle, and with each rain and wind I feel it getting warmer and warmer in my place. Have happy days ahead!


  27. Your photos are very nice Olga, regards

  28. I'm getting very excited about Spring as this weekend was the first one I could walk around without a coat on. Beautiful photos as ever Olga, I do love stopping by here. x

  29. I 'd like to sit on the yellow chair, near you!!! Beautiful photos!!!bravo Olga!!!kisses from Greece.

  30. We are well into spring here in Ireland, after an unusually mild winter thank goodness. I think I would have to race you to that turquoise chair though :)