August 25, 2010

La Sonnambula

Although I’m not exactly the most adept at singing, I loved this version of La Sonnambula so much that I can’t help constantly humming my favourite parts these days.

I never put anything on as background music while I’m painting. I take both these things too seriously to not devote them full attention. I always listen to complete operas, because I don’t want to lose the rhythm that was thought out by the composer as the basis for the work.

I can’t really picture pausing the singing Bartoli or Callas because the phone is ringing. It’s hard to imagine them, frozen in the moment with their mouth open wide.

Anyway, these days I can’t really listen to operas anyway. There is some construction going on in our apartment building. The most intense activity is taking place on the wall right outside my window. The suspended crate with two guys in it is constantly drifting up and down, scaring the cat, and forcing me to make sure I’m always ready to draw the curtains or hide. I already had a close call, when I was nearly caught in the midst of changing, and I wouldn’t want that to happen again.

These past two weeks were spent to the soundtrack of drilling and hammering. Around 8:30 am the lads are good and ready, cursing and swearing as they get ready for work. Only one of them (the most intimidating-looking one, actually) never swears – I’m guessing he’s trying to develop his charm and charisma. Just once I heard him say to his colleague, “You can be pretty nasty in the morning.” I agree with him completely.

I have to admit the construction workers appear to have some tender feelings just like the rest of us. One time, when the rain started coming down, I heard one of them say “My cats really hate storms. They must be hiding under the bed by now.”

My heart goes out to the frightened cats, who had no one around to comfort them.

Still, it’s pretty difficult working in this environment. I just can’t concentrate.

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