August 18, 2010

Birds in the Interior

From the time I first began working on my bird sculptures, I also started looking for bird themes in photos of interior designs. I became inspired by the images of the traditional wooden sculptures from Provence. They are the ones that fit quite naturally in the midst of any style or theme. Their serene demeanour creates a hint of calm and stability, in the world where the only constant is the endless change.

A good friend of mine was upset that she only brought one of those birds from France, and she just about made me create something similar. At that time, I hadn’t yet thought about making sculptures that much, and I certainly had no idea that the process would absorb me so greatly.

After some intense Internet surfing and library research, I found some photos that corresponded to my ideas about sculptures in the interior. However, I’d really like it if my birds didn’t just replicate these typical, cozy image; I’d prefer if they turned out more like my paintings – bright, full of life, energetic, and, at the same time, unpredictable.

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