February 4, 2013

Crispy Pig Ears and Simon Cowell

Have you ever found out about something that everyone already knows at the last minute? That happens to me all the time. One story began the moment I got a book called Modern Italian Food and Wine from the library. The title was promising, and it did not seem to indicate any potential pitfalls.

And then, on page 19, I saw a recipe that really startled me:

If anybody didn't understand what this is, here's a zoomed-in version especially for you:

And here's another no less touching one - Fried Rabbit Liver:

Just for the record, here are those who went into the making of this recipe:
(These two photos are from the Internet)

I wonder if these ones are tasty:

(The cat is mine, but the hedgehog is from the Internet)

My personal preference is for something less sophisticated. For example, fresh goat cheese with a real daisy flower on top:

Since our family decided to live TV-free several years ago, another thing I found out at the last moment is who was the finalist for Britain's Got Talent in 2012.

Now I know that Simon Cowell is the person who makes the abovementioned recipes pretty regularly. Crispy pig ears must be like chips to him.


  1. Hello Olga:
    Alas, although we do assure you not by us, pigs' ears are often eaten here and may be seen, along with the heads and feet of chicken, in every butcher's shop!

    Isn't life wonderful without a television set? As we may have said before, we gave up having one over thirty years ago and have never looked back!

  2. Hello Olga dear, yes, I am one of those people, I did not realise that Yum Cha included fried chicken feet, not that I ate any of it.
    How gross, I could not eat a pigs ear or a rabbit's liver, just look at their cute little faces. I know that cats and dogs are considered a delicacy in some cultures.
    I will stick with my vegetables, fruits and pulses, though I am not a strict vegetarian, I am guilty of eating meat in the past. :(
    The tulips are absolutely beautiful.
    xoxoxo ♡

  3. I suppose the pigs' ears taste a bit like pork scratchings...

    We had to do with a tele for a while when my boys were small (technical issues), and I didn't miss it much because French tele is so bad. But I was pleased when we got it back again because I installed a satellite dish to get Brit tele, and my boys enjoyed watching kiddy programmes which they then discussed with their pals. From all of his 16 yrs, my son looks back fondly on programmes he watched when younger. Television is a cultural indicator in modern society.

  4. If you are going to kill the animals may as well not waste anything.
    They make pig ears dry for dog chewies and I am sure they are tasty to cook for people as well.
    But I agree.
    Eating meat is not a good thing to do but it does have some kind of enzymes we require in our bodies and then if the table were turned they would eat us as well, even rabbits.
    I wish people didn;t have to eat. Would be nice if we could just take three pills a day and be stuffed but if we did that our own enzymes in our system would turn on us and eat us from the inside.
    How do you like them apples lol
    I guess there is no way out.

  5. Ha ha, I see all sorts of things for sale here in the supermarket that I have never seen elsewhere in the world. Pigs ears is one of them! Keep well Diane

  6. geez louise, i need to start watching those singing shows...i never know about those but that gave me goosebumps!

    1. Beautiful first picture that compliments the singing at the end. Now the middle part...I would not want to digest such things. But, the goat cheese and flower sounds like heaven!=) Fun post and beautiful. xo

  7. awww the piggy is so adorable!


  8. These two animals are too cute to eat! I don't think I'd eat those recipes! :(

  9. The photo of the flowers is beautiful!
    I do not like the liver, Olga:(((
    But if I really like, the goat cheese is very tasty :))
    a kiss.

  10. Hello Olga,
    I loved the close-up photos of animals. They spend tenderness besides representing the art of photography.
    Congratulations and a big hug

  11. I'm not hungry now :) But it was a nice post !


  12. Trop MIGNONS les animaux!!! SUPER message !!!

    Bonne semaine!!1

    xxx Maria xxx

  13. Hello Olga,
    Oh, crispy big ears sound something strange to me!
    I googled recipes of how to cook pig ears. I found a lot of recipes, even I found how to cook pig legs! I had never imagined so many recipes popped up in internet!
    I know Okinawa people (southern part of Japan) like to have pig ears. But I thought to eat pig ear is rare except in Okinawa. I was wrong. They say pig ears or legs contain a lot of Collagen, good for our health and especially for skin. Maybe recipes are based on Okinawa cuisine.
    I also found that everyone already knows at the last minute sometimes. (@_@)
    Thanks a lot for sharing such an interesting topic!
    Have a nice week.

  14. I do not watch much TV either and have never heard of Britain Got Talent – must be like an American show called the American Idol – I saw it once a couple of years ago and never watched it again- it may still be running, I am not sure. I also heard about some new food – my daughter said she bakes leaves of kale and they become crispy and very good.

  15. eeuk.....the goats cheese looks good though!!

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