January 7, 2013

The Eye of the Beholder

I'd like to wish everyone a Happy New Year - and, if you celebrate it, a Happy Orthodox Christmas!

The two photos below show something I've been seeing outside my bedroom window for a really long time. I consider myself very lucky, because this kind of entertainment made me have fun with no effort.

We celebrated the New Year and Christmas with snow and good weather, which allowed us to enjoy some walks around the neighbourhood. I suggest you join me!

It's a special feeling, living next to a large body of water. Magical moments are guaranteed.

Even without having any special, keen observation skills, you can find a few strange discovering - whether it's a forgotten umbrella, or the footsteps of a small animal.

Our small animal also took a walk on the deck, although he didn't spend very long there.

After that, he returned to his usual philosophical reflection and light napping.

Thanks to my husband's efforts, the green wall will soon turn a different colour. You can see that to the right. To the left, Modigliani and I are trying to inspire my husband to keep up the good work.

Also, my husband was promised some dessert if the room will be painted before an upcoming party.


  1. The squirrels are so cute and they would be fun to watch. I feel I am very priviledged when I see possums in my trees and I hand feed them some fruit, also many birds, lizards and an echidna who lives in the front garden, rarely seen though.
    These are beautiful photos dear Olga, the snow is so white. I love Deniska's footprints and he looks so handsome napping after his walk, one of my cats sits like that too, it is most unusual.
    Happy New Year!
    xoxoxo ♡

  2. Thanks so much for the best wishes and the same to you and your family.
    We spent it in Whistler playing in the snow.
    You pics are lovely as usual. :)

  3. Excellent !
    Best regards from France and enjoy 2013 !!!


  4. Happy New Year, Olga. I hope you, your husband and Deniska have a super 2013 of health and happiness in your new house.

  5. Hello Olga,
    I loved the show photos!
    Wish a beautiful day for you

  6. Brilliant post - all wintery and Christmassy and full of animal life .... the best to view!

    I wish you a Happy New Year.

  7. I see tall buildings outside our window. Lovely home you have. I spent my holidays running and biking and some calories on the sides.

    Happy 2013, Olga.

  8. Aww, I love the moments you've witnessed! I like *magical moments* too. Especially when you're not intentionally going out there to witness some. They surprise you and they make you love life even more! Cheers to 2013! ;)

  9. Thanks for the walk in your wonderful city !


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