September 19, 2012

Victory is mine

My kitchen renovation is complete. The walls are the ceiling are now as straight and even as they can be. There are many little moments that could be adjusted - there are no curtains, kitchen island, door handles, and a few other things. However, this kitchen is quite ready to cook and live in.

In the process of renovation, our contractor found a secret window. He started making an opening for a range hood. When we returned home that day, he asked us a simple but shocking question - "Did you know that you have another window?" Since, having lived in this house for seven months, nobody noticed this window, it's going to go down in our family's history under the title of The House Full Of Unexpected Finds. Since it was exactly the type of window I've always dreamed of - a window above the sink - you could say that it was an excellent gift.

How could we pass this opportunity by? We decided to enlarge the window - which also increased the duration of the renovation. It added some new concerns as well - buying the window frame, returning the shelves we bought to the store, and searching for a light to put above the window and sink.

On this photo (which looks like a fairly complete kitchen, and where you can already see my dog sculptures being baked in the oven) is lacking a very important element - the backsplash. We were just in the process of looking for it. One of the version we had bought had to be returned because, having tried it out, we realized that we knew nothing about backsplashes.

On this photo, you will see the backsplash that was ideally placed by our contractor, and which matches the spirit of the house of the artist. I personally consider this backsplash a little masterpiece of glass.

I want to say thank you once again to everyone who send me messages at a time when I ran around hardware stores all day long. Please give me a couple of days to clean up everything. After that, I will catch up with your amazing blogs. Cheers!


  1. Congratulations, Olga! Your new kitchen is beautiful! And how intriguing to find that hidden window! I wonder what other surprises might be in store with future rennovations?

  2. Hello Olga:
    What a wonderful kitchen in every detail. We especially like the tiles which you have chosen which look so very effective. As for the window, what an amazing discovery and how right you have been to have had it enlarged for it is now the perfect fit over your very handsome sink(s).

  3. How exciting to find a window! Maybe there'll be secret passages too...!

    Your kitchen looks lovely, the back splash is very unusual but looks fantastic. You must be relieved it's finished though.

  4. Olga dear you look very beautiful and triumphant sitting there in your new kitchen. It is great to find a window hiding, always good to have a window over the sink. I love the colours, the splashback, your double 'butler's/Belfast' sinks and the light fitting over your window is truly amazing...enjoy!
    xoxoxo ♡

  5. first, i love your new fridge. i have a huge crush on it. feel free to share pictures of it anytime. and yay for your kitchen being done, it turned out really great!! total bonus about the window!

  6. Congratulations, Olga! It is a fabulous kitchen!
    What a nice surprise! I love the window. Through the window, you can enjoy the change of time, a day, a month, the seasons. No more possible surprise?? Something like a hidden treasure room??

  7. Оля, кухня получилась замечательная! Я думала, она уже полностью готова, но будет еще кухонный остров. Супер!
    А как хорошо, что нашлось окно! Мне так нравится мойка под окном, но у нас так не получилось, потому что далеко до стока. ((
    Понравилась изящная белая плитка и ее сочетание с черной бытовой техникой. И конечно же сюда идеально вписался барный табурет с черной кожаной оббивкой! Поздравляю с вашей победой!

  8. Well. glad you made it through the ordeal and glad you got that window too.

  9. I love the tiles too! Congratulations

  10. Congratulations the kitchen and you are looking stunning. :)

  11. Congrats on the kitchen! Looks great! Exciting about the secret window.
    Sounds like a Johnny Depp Movie. lol
    You bake your dogs in a kitchen appliance?
    What kind of art work is this that you do?

  12. Hello Olga,
    Aside from the usual photos I see an excellent job of designer and architect!
    Congratulations and a big hug

  13. Do you use Sculpey Clay for your dogs??
    They look modern and make a wonderful table display
    I am thinking of making table decorations
    for Thanks giving. Things like napkin holders
    with little turkeys on top and maybe a turkey
    vase center piece with leaves all around to hold
    something inside as well as a few candles.
    Would sculpey clay be good for this sort of thing?
    I don't know if its air dry or if you have to dry it in the oven
    cause I never used it.

  14. Hello Olga,
    It's great to see that your home will be ready little by little. Your kitchen looks so beautiful. Nice shots!!
    It must be a hard time for you, during this major renovation. But I think when everything is finished you've had your own modern little palace. Fantastic!!
    Good luck Olga!!

    Many greetings,

  15. Congrats to a new window and a new kitchen ! It looks fine.


  16. Oh my gosh your kitchen looks amazing. It helps to be an artist. you have the advantage to make things beautiful. and I have to say you look ready for Vegas in your pretty dress. Very nice pictures. :)

  17. It looks amazing! After all that hard work, you so deserve to be photographed behind the newly renovated kitchen! Good job!

  18. Olga it is fab! I love the tile art, so worth it.yah!

  19. I know you are an artist, but let me say this...the camera loves you! I forgot to look at the kitchen!

  20. How lovely! A hidden window is the next best thing to a hidden room. I sometimes dream that we have an extra room ... I wonder what it means!

    Enjoy your lovely kitchen, it's great to have everything new and just the way you like it.

  21. Sorry we have also been busy and I am now trying to catch up again. What a great find having a window by the sink, how come you missed it from the outside? The kitchen is looking wonderful. Take care, Diane

  22. So beautiful Kitchen Olga!!!Enjoy it!!!I love white colour in the kitchen!!You are very beautiful too!!! Kisses from Greece.

  23. Hiya Olga, I am so happy for you that the renovations are finished. Everything looks wonderful (including you too my dear, you look gorgeous!) and I particularly like the tiling.

    I know you enjoy cooking, and entertaining, and I am sure it will be even better in your brand new kitchen. Deniska must be very happy to have an end to people coming and going, never mind all the noise and disruption in "his" house!

    The sculptures look promising. Well done.

  24. Hi Olga, the works in the kitchen are already done, hope so! Regards