October 22, 2010


I would like to tell you about one excellent and subtle photographer - Kamelia.

The two main areas of her interest are people and still life. She work with a black and white technique in her photography. This technique is the conscious choice of a professional, whose aim it is to reveal the character of the person or object through the heightening of emotion. The colours are left out because sometimes they might impose a suggestion of what we ought to feel. We don't need any clues, because it's more fun to solve the mystery ourselves.

The information about the people in Kamelia's portraits consists of a few details. This leads us to continue asking questions. Who are they, these people? Why did the shot capture them this way? What are their secrets, and what can they communicate about themselves?

Meanwhile, Kamelia's photos of plants might make you wonder about their backstory. How did they enter the photographer's life? Why are they so subdued and unobtrusive?

What draws me to Kamelia's work is the rhythm of her compositions. The horizontal and diagonal lines in the background drift away into the space beyond the picture. Maybe they're traveling to the same place from which the main subject of the photo had appeared.

I haven't yet figured out what exactly makes Kamelia's characters so intriguing. I think I will ask her when we see each other.

Kamelia  is now taking part in the following group exhibition:
El Almacen, 1078 Queen St. West, Toronto

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